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:: FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS - BERLIN | 10.10.2012  -  21.10.2012

Every year since 2005 for 12 day’s Berlin is transformed into a magical illuminated city.
A breathtaking array of colors lighting up the German capital, giving it a romantic allure to rival the likes of Paris and Rome.

Marvel as buildings and surrounding area’s are vividly and beautifully brought to life with bright colors, images projected onto facades and open spaces, laser beams shooting to the skies and light shows dance, as if by magic, through the air.
The impressive light installations are on display daily from October 10th through the 21st, from 7:00 PM – 12 Midnight, and you won’t have to pay a single cent to see them.

The Festival of Lights is celebrated in Berlin in October annually.
For a week, prominent structures of Berlin which includes the boulevards, towers, historical and modern buildings stand glowing.
Several famous landmarks and spots of the city are colorfully illuminated during the festival – the Brandenburg Gate, Quadriga sculpture, the Unter den Linden Boulevard, the Berlin concert hall, Hauptbahnhof train station, The Victory Column, Radio Tower, Schloss Charlottenburg Palace, the Berlin Cathedral Church (Berliner Dom) and the Oberbaumbruecke bridge across the river Spree.
The lights, events, fireworks and projection together make the Festival of Lights amazing.
You can spend the entire night walking around and enjoying the festival!

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